I am an international corporate tax professional, specialising in:

I provide consultancy services and trainings in these three areas. I make groups' transfer pricing faster, cheaper and more accurate through value chain analysis and automated data extraction. My work is not country specific and my clients are typically all over Europe. Internationally, I am in a strategic alliance with Quantera Global, giving me (and you) access to a global network of highly experienced transfer pricing specialists around the globe. Finally, I am an arbitrator with Tribute, an independent, permanent, international, expert facility for the resolution of tax disputes.

I am a co-editor of the Kluwer international tax blog and publish tax videos on my YouTube channel, Taxpics. More information about me is available under the buttons in the blue ribbon at the top.

I look forward to working with you. My rates are Euro 270 per hour, Euro 540 per half day and Euro 1080 per day (ex. VAT, travel and accommodation).

Johann H. Muller

Tel: +45-6120 2911 / Skype: JohannHMuller / Linkedin: JohannHMuller / johann.h.muller@gmail.com

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